About Me

Betsy Benham Fruda is a positive, amiable person and knowledgeable therapist.  She received her license in 1995.  It is her belief that anyone can achieve an enduring balance in their body by making small changes: in daily habits/patterns, or shifting work imposed postures/stressors. She encourages self-care homework which includes stretching and strengthening strategies, relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

Her sessions are described as "truly therapeutic", "intelligent massage".  Clients appreciate that she explains what she is doing and why. She has seen, and clients have felt, amazing changes in as little as one session by releasing fascial/postural areas.  Clients feel lighter, energetic and more upright.

At Westport Therapeutic LLC, your session may include: myofascial release, deep tissue melt, Structural Integration based techniques which focus on postural alignment and balancing musculature. Cupping/gliding and trigger point therapy are other modalities that my be called upon. There will be moist heat applied to warm the area up and enhance relaxation.  Each session is tailored to where your body is the day you come in.

Betsy's aim is to educate clients on how daily body use can impact their current discomforts. The goal is for you to live your most balanced, most comfortable life.

She is also trained as a Pilates instructor and has been teaching since 1994. Pilates is known to help clients create a functionally strong, balanced body. 

Strengthening and stretching recommendations will be given as homework until a larger movement space is available at WTLLC.


I look forward to meeting you and working with you!!

Betsy Benham Fruda